What you can do

P.E.T. Pantry serves as a supportive program of the Vista del Camino food bank in Scottsdale, Arizona. P.E.T. Pantry provides pet food and information to Vista del Camino clients through the Vista del Camino's regular Food Bank operations, to assist people in caring for their pets during times of financial crisis. P.E.T. Pantry is truly the City of Scottsdale's first efforts, through collaboration to support a "pet food bank."

Vista del Camino Food Bank provides boxes filled with essential foods and water to thousands of hungry individuals and families each year. Located on-site at Vista del Camino, the Food Bank is truly a caring treasure for anyone facing hunger in Scottsdale. After meeting with clients, social workers provide free boxes of food that meet nutritional and dietary needs. The Vista del Camino Food Bank also offers toiletries and specialty items for infants, small children and elderly residents living in Scottsdale. P.E.T. Pantry will now enable Vista del Camino to regularly provide pet food to its clients.

Through CONCERNED CITIZENS FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH (C.C.C.H), a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop services for unmet needs in Scottsdale, the P.E.T. Pantry is able to help. For over 30 years, C.C.C.H. has stimulated public awareness and promoted the establishment and expansion of health and welfare services in our community.

No longer having the financial ability to feed a beloved pet can place people in the desperate situation of having to choose whether to give their pet some of what little "people food" they may have on hand, or worse yet, give up their pet to a shelter or to a pound. Anyone having lost a pet knows it is a heartbreaking event. Fortunately, P.E.T. Pantry is working to solve this problem… but we need your help. Your partnership will help fill Vista del Camino with much needed pet food. YOU can make the critical difference. All donations to Vista del Camino's P.E.T. Pantry will be used to purchase quality pet food for the pet owners who so desperately need it.

Your tax deductible donation can be made quickly and securely online at www.concernedcitizensscottsdale.org (look for the link to the pet food or food bank pages). Pet food donations are also accepted at the Vista del Camino food bank at 7700 East Roosevelt, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251. P.E.T. Pantry thanks you in advance for helping to keep pets with their people and thus helping individuals and families maintain hope for a better future.